About RunZapp

RunZapp is a community platform for runners.

RunZapp has the following features currently :

1. Runners Profile

  • RunZapp helps you to create your Runner Profile and create your identity in the Running Community.
  • Runner profile will automatically display Running stats of a runner from the time runner signs up on RunZapp. Running Stats includes Total Distance Ran, Average Distance Ran per day, Average Pace & Activity Index.
  • This has been made possible by integrating RunZapp with Strava currently.
  • You can download share your Runner Profile with your network.
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2. Celebration

RunZapp helps you celebrate your every run.
How do you celebrate every run?
Step 1 : Set a Goal
Select the type of your goal

  • Current Goal: An event you are participating in Or a Milestone you are targeting to achieve.
  • Weekly Goal: A weekly mileage target you are chasing.
  • Daily Goal: A daily target you are chasing.
  • You can set one or multiple goals and share your goal with your network.

Step 2 : Acheive the Goal

  • Download Strava App & create an account.
  • Connect your RunZapp Account to your Strava account.
  • Sync your RunZapp account with Strava account.
  • RunZapp will automatically capture your achievement vs target.

Step 3 : Get personalized digital medal

  • On achievement of the target, a personalised digital medal will be created.

Step 4 : Celebrate your run

  • Celebrate your achievement by sharing the personalised digital medals in your network.

Set A Goal Now

3. Runopedia

RunZapp helps you get all information related to running directly from experts.
RunZapp has partnered with Coaches , Dietitian , Physios , Orthos & experienced runners who will share their knowledge via videos , podcast & blogs .

Get Knowledge from Experts

4. Top Deals

  • RunZapp helps you get the best deals from the best brands.
  • RunZapp has partnered with the best running brands to get the best possible deals.
  • You will buy directly on the brands website by using a promocode.
Get Best Deals

RunZapp is a community platform for runners.

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